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Veto Records is a small independent Punk Label based in Indiana. Started in 1999 by Goon Squad lead singer, Dr. Love and Booth 9 lead singer and bassist Nathaniel.

Nathaniel maintains the Veto Web-Page. He also duplicates Cd's and packages them. Nathaniel also makes very frequent trips to copy things.

Dr. Love goes to the P.O. Box to check for your orders. He also screen prints the band T-shirts and sends out crap that people order. The P.O. Box has been pretty empty latley so send shit in! Even if your just writing us to say "Hi"

Deanna (Sexy Pants) distribute flyers for bands and helps with promotional crap.

Capt. Cool Guy helps with screen printing, art,and packageing.

Deputy Doofus (The Daver) Records and produces all Veto bands!