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CD, EP, and Cassettes

The Goon Squad
You Paid 3 Bucks For This? (VRCD-02)

$3.00 cassette - $4.00 CD

Booth 9
10 Reasons To Vomit (VRCD-03)

$4.00 CD

The Goon Squad
5 Bucks For Crap (VRCD-04)

$5.00 CD (comming soon!)

Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square (VRCD-05)

Comming Soon!


Sorry, Shirts and prices will be posted soon!

Please add $1 for shipping to your order. Make all checks payable to B. Mcdonald. Wait 5 to 8 weeks for your order to arive.

You can print out an order form here.

Please send all check and money orders to:

Veto Records
P.O. Box 90
Finly, IN 46129